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English products
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In this website section are collected the project products, also made ​​in English, to allow a greater dissemination of activities and results.



 After-LIFE Commun. Plan 

After-LIFE Communication PlanAfter-LIFE Communication Plan

After-LIFE Communication Plan - inglese

For LIFE-Environment demonstration projects, it is obligatory to produce an After-LIFE Communication Plan. It sets out how the beneficiary plans to continue disseminating and communicating results after the end of LIFE Project, funding and indicates what external support could be helpful.

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Abstract PPROSPOT ENGSilviculture for sporadic tree species

Extended summary of the technical manual for tree-oriented silvicolture proposed by the LIFE+ project and PProSpoT

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The economy of sporadic tree speciesThe economy of sporadic tree species

Financial evaluation of the tree-oriented silviculture: the results of the PProSpoT Project

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Deplian Specie sporadiche + selvicoltura d'albero

= Biodiversità + Legname di pregio

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Sporadic tree species: an environmental and economic value (Clip 1)

The choice of the target plants (Clip 2)

Tree-oriented silvicolture for the sporadic species (Clip 3)


Sherwood 198 Novembre 2013

Tree-oriented silviculture in an oak coppice

Estimation of financial profitability and possible public funding

Di Roberto Fratini, Enrico Marone.

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Sherwood 195 Luglio-Agosto 2013

Financial evaluation of the tree-oriented silviculture

The software for the evaluation of the investments proposed by PProSpot

Nicola Andrighetto, Davide Pettenella.

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Sherwood 190 Febbraio 2013

Tree-oriented silviculture in European beech high forests

Silvicultural practices aimed both at enhancing sporadic species and at managing the dominant species

Di Francesco Pelleri,Dalila Sansone, Elisa Bianchetto,Claudio Bidini, Adriano Sichi.

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Sherwood 186 Settembre 2012

Martelloscopi PProSpoT

Virtual tree marking areas for professional training

Di Luigi Torreggiani, Silvia Bruschini, Paolo Mori.

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Sherwood 185 Luglio-Agosto 2012

Forest planning and sporadic species

LIFE+ PProSpoT project: first experience in Italy

Di Ivana Fantoni, Marcello Miozzo, Emiliano Rella.

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Sherwood 185 Luglio-Agosto 2012

Tree-oriented silviculture in young coppices

Silvicultural practices to enhance sporadic species: the LIFE+PPRoSpoT project experience

Di Dalila Sansone, Elisa Bianchetto, Claudio Bidini, Serena Ravagni, Damiano Nitti, Aless andro Samola, Francesco Pelleri.

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